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The problem

You are responsible for the people that work in your company. You worry about their well-being, and you wish to offer them a proper eyecare, that in turn will also increase their job satisfaction.

The company may have a yearly budget for provision of eyecare, and you want to offer the best deal to your employees, to maximise the value of your allowance.

How can we help?

We provide the following services:

  • Corporate promotions.
  • On-site eye tests.

With corporate promotions, we will offer special promotions to the members of your company. We are also experienced with on-site eye tests.

Corporate promotions

You want to offer proper eyecare to your employees. You also want to maximise the benefits for your employees and make sure that they make the best use of their eyecare budget.

Visio Optical is already collaborating with various organisations, and we offer corporate agreements with special discounts and promotions. The terms of these agreements are subject to individual negotiations. Please contact us to arrange a meeting and we shall offer you our best deal.

On-site eye tests

We understand the needs of busy people, like you and your employees. While you want to offer proper eyecare to your employees, you also aware of their busy schedule...   We can reconcile both!

We perform on-site eye-tests. All we need is a small space. We will bring all the necessary equipment, and setup the instruments to perform Visual Acuity vision tests, to determine whether there is a needs for prescription glasses for your staff. If this is the case, we will be able to discuss the products that best suit them, and also provide a quotation to them.

Efficiency is our motto, and we will offer it to your organisation! Please contact us for more information.