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Why your frames don't fit properly?

A frame may not fit properly because:

  • It is a new frame, and it needs to be adjusted to fit your features.
  • It's an old frame, and it got out of shape (by accident, or due to mishandling, or just due to extended use).

When you buy new spectacles or sunglasses, the frame has not been adjusted yet. It needs to be fit to the specific features of its wearer.

As you might have experienced yourself, often a frame can have different kinds of fitting problems:

  • The frame is too loose, and the glasses seem to always want to fall forward.
  • Or, at the opposite, the frame is too tight, leaving marks on the skin and being painful to wear.
  • The frame is not sitting properly on your nose bridge.

An old frame might have the same problems after some period of use. In any case, a frame that does not fit properly is not comfortable to wear, and the lens is not as clear as it can be.

Why should you get a proper fit?

With a correct fit:

  • The frame is comfortable to wear.
  • The eyes can see through the centre of lenses.
  • The image is clearer.
  • The lens has no distortion.

When the frame is not fitting properly:

  • The frame is not comfortable.
  • The glasses slide down the nose.
  • The glasses sit on the cheeks.
  • The lenses cloud-up and get dirty easily.
  • The frame leaves painful marks on the nose or behind the ears.
  • The eyes see only through the top half of the lenses.
  • The image is less clear.
  • The lens has more distortion (radial distortion, chromatic aberration, etc.).

A correct fit helps increasing your comfort, and let you eyes see through the optical centre of the lenses, keeping them healthy.

How can we help you?

Since Visio Optical is a socially responsible business, we provide our adjustment service, no matter where you purchased your frames. We will handle your frame with great care, and adjust it as it is necessary. Our qualified staff will put their best effort and will provide a professional service to you.

Can your own frame be adjusted?

No matter where you purchased you frames from, we will always try to help you. We can adjust your own frames, and provide you with the same professional and qualified service that our customers get!