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MyoVision lenses



Available at Visio Optical


MyoVision - breakthrough spectacle lenses that reduce myopia progression by 30%



  • is proven to be the most effective spectacle lens for children
  • retards the progression of myopia by an average of 30%
  • corrects central vision to provide clear and sharp images
  • manages peripheral vision and myopia progression
  • is the first-of-its-kind single vision lens design in the world
  • provides excellent adaptability and wearability


myovision1MYOPIA IN CHILDREN ON THE RISE: It is a known fact that myopia most likely affects East Asians. Across the Asian continent, myopia is widespread - nearly half of 11- to 13-year-olds in urban areas suffer from myopia and the number of myopes globally is expected to grow from the current 1.6 billion to 2.5 billion by 2020 - an astonishing growth of more than 50 percent.

myovision2MYOVISION RETARDS PROGRESSION OF MYOPIA BY 30%: Wearing MyoVision lenses can reduce the deterioration in vision from, for example, six to four diopters in children over the review period. Over 210 children and young people aged between six and 16 took part in medical trials over the past twelve months. The test in China proves that MyoVision lenses have been developed with children in mind. After all, they have been successfully tested and approved by myopic children.

myovision3SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: This state-of-the-art lens has been clinically tested and officially approved. Studies including work at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre in China have shown that in children aged between six and twelve with at least one parent who is short-sighted the progress of myopia can be slowed down by an average of 30%.

MyoVision lenses - comfortable, good-looking, and easy to handle

MyoVision spectacle lenses are tailor-made for the specific needs of myopic children. They not only provide kids with clear and sharp vision and retards myopia. The lenses are also easy-to-handle. They are kid-friendly, thanks to their thin and light lenses, guaranteeing great wearing comfort. Their neat design makes it easier for kids to adapt to them, much easier than conventional contact lenses, which are always a hassle, both for children and their parents.

MyoVision lenses - a safe and natural therapeutic intervention

MyoVision sends the all-important stop signal to the myopic eye in a safe and natural therapeutic intervention, harmonizing with natural processes.

ZEISS: a reliable company behind product development

The name ZEISS has been standing for state-of-the-art precision lenses for over 160 years. The long tradition and experience in high precision optics of the pioneer in optics assures an in-depth knowledge of the eye.

  • The first man on the moon took photos on 20 July 1969 using ZEISS camera lenses.
  • Google Earth uses ZEISS precision camera lenses to obtain spectacular images of the earth.
  • ZEISS microscopes help Noble Prize winners make red blood cells visible.
  • ZEISS camera lenses play an important role for directors and camera crews.
MyoVision program offered at Visio Optical:
  • Low-risk treatment using spectacle lenses
  • Easy and fast adaptation
  • low myopia progression
  • Scheduled reviews every 3 months to avoid large myopia progression